John and Sherlock, sitting in a tree, D-E-D-U-C-I-N-G. First comes the case, then comes the danger, then comes Sherlock slamming John up against the wall and kissing him until he's breathless before dragging him into their bedroom for their customary we're-still-alive sex.
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Identifiable as Engie ^_^ 25. Sherlockian. Whovian. Writer. Photographer. Photoshopper. Cosplayer. Avid Johnlock and Doctor/Rose shipper. I have a TARDIS corset, a bird named Loki, and a Clockwork Droid mask. When I was three, I kept telling people I was Princess Leia. And fuck it, I love Ewoks. ---------------------------------------- This blog is occasionally NSFW (especially during Johnlock Fridays *ahem*) and is both a personal blog and a fandom blog!

BBC Sherlock - This Is War

"When you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield…you’ve seen it already…"

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