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BBC Sherlock Drinking Game 

Take a drink:

1) Every time John licks his lips.

2) Every time Sherlock insults someone’s intelligence (2 drinks if it’s Anderson’s)

3) Every time either Sherlock’s or John’s blog is talked of or seen on screen.

4) Every time a human body part is seen or taken out of a household appliance.

5) Every time John makes his pouty face.

6) Every time a weapon is fired (safeguard: consecutive shots count as one drink)

7) Every time Sherlock makes his revelation noise.

8) Every time someone calls Sherlock a freak.

9) 2 drinks every time Sherlock is wrong about a deduction.

10) Every time Sherlock impersonates someone.

11) Every time we see the British pillow (limit of 2 times per scene after we nearly choked trying to keep up with the bloody sightings…)

12) Every time we see the numbers on the front door of 221B Baker Street.

13) Every time someone other than Sherlock says Moriarty.

14) Every time Mycroft or John deduces something.

15) Every time someone sends or receives a text.

16) Every time someone implies that John and Sherlock are together.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve started seeing people saying they’re taking shots every time one of these things happen. Guys, if you die, I cannot be held accountable. I recommend taking sips. Seriously. Sips. You’ll still probably end up killing the bottle, but this way you won’t have to start another.


Brought to you by the Goucher College Doctor Who Club…What can we say? We’re branching out! >.>

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